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SMC Bridgemode

The Cisco modem, apparently, has a trick to placing it into bridge mode. Is anybody aware if there is an equivalent trick for the SMC when Shaw is unable to do so? It had been bridged since the original install (when the new plans were released) but 'mysteriously' reverted to gateway mode sometime late last week. I contacted CS, and was told that to return it back to bridge mode would mean reapplying whatever internal-magic codes they use, which would have the side effect of placing me on the new pricing, effectively increasing the Internet bill by $20 a month. I passed on that opportunity. While the CSR assures me it will be 'fixed going forward', I don't really hold out much hope in this regard. Given the number of threads on these very forums over the past number of months from people looking to use their own router, I don't really believe Shaw is going to come up with any clever solutions any time soon. BB100 account. Options? Suggestions? Thanks!

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