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[ON] Cable Internet Options in a Shaw Only Town

I am comparing internet options ..pricewise..here in sault ste marie ontario and noticed that there are one or two internet companies here that offer cable internet packages. But shaw is the only cable company..how do they do offer cable internet service? I would like to get rogers newplan express 25down and 2 up but ROGERS $50.00 cant give it to me ...because they are not here in the sault...is my guess. I have shaw 10meg/500kb $50.00 and my streaming to JTV is about 350 kb up and that ends my download speed. So I cant surf and stream. http://www.justin.tv/monkeyjuiced#/w/4634856016 Shaw has the 25 down and 2.5 up but the pricing gets confusing because I am bundled... unsure if i could downgrade to the older package after without another price increase too. We need some serios compettition to shaw here...with the price increases.. the internet will soon be out of the canadian homes.

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