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[AB] My new Shaw contract

Hi, so my old Shaw contract was due August 19 this year and my bill next month was gonna cost like $240 so I spoke to Shaw chat today and asked if I could renew my contract early and they did it. So now I am paying $216 a month for Total Tv, Giga Internet, and Home Phone with voice mail and that stuff. My old bill was around $205 a month so now I am paying about $10 or bit more bucks a month for more service. Now I get a lot more sports channels as before I never got Sportsnet and all those tennis channels, I still get movie channels and documentary so a few more channels and my news channels, but I dropped Filipino tv bundle as it was $20 dollars by itself and I might order it again when it's cheaper. ABS-CBN in the Philippines was getting dropped anyways. Here is my speed test: https://shaw.speedtestcustom.com/result/bc36f150-c13b-11ea-aaec-17586a9d3ca1 They discounted stuff you can see on my contract so it seems like I am saving but this package I have is the best they offer for now so I guess I am fully loaded with Shaw now. I could order more Tv channels but eh mostly just reruns anyways

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