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Shaw uses some sneaky kind of new throttling.

During the Christmas holidays I used a p2p to download about 40 gig's of various Classic Christmas movies no longer protected by copyright. After about 20 hours of downloading I woke up and found that my download speed was 20kbps and my upload was less than 1kbps. First thing i did is what i always do when something is not working properly on the internet, run a bunch of bandwidth tests. First thing was my ping. 31ms ping to test servers. Except it took over 20 seconds to connect to the test server to get the ping. Then it was download speed test time. Again it took in the 30second range to connect, then downloaded at 45mbps until about 90%, then it froze for another 20 seconds and finished. Upload was just as fucked. I did all the standard stopping restarting etc, but for the next two weeks every time I did anything it took forever to make a connection but once i did make the connection it went to normal speed. Also it was impossible to use p2p. Upload and download speed were both completely fucked. After about two weeks it went back to "normal", except for netflix, which now has complete shit for a connection. Half the time I can't even watch a movie the quality is so bad, and watching it switch from hd to fucking crap and back every 20 mins makes it unplayable. I did some hunting and found some others with the same problem. Strangely enough they are all people who also work from home, and use netflix as a primary source of television. Clearly shaw has decided to attack their customers who get the most use out of the services they pay for. I guess they only want customers who pay huge amounts of money for the service without actually using the service.

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