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[BC] Bad xp: Price change and no notification - good bye Shaw

I had home telephone and Internet service with Shaw. I was paying $75 old bundle price and found out that there was new Internet plan that costs only $45 (High Speed 10). Since I barely used home phone, I decided to drop the home phone service and use the Internet only. I made a call to change in late September. The rep kindly changed to the new High Speed 10 which cost only $45. All of sudden, for the service from Nov-25 to Dec-24, I noticed that the price is no longer $45, but $50. I immediately checked the website, and it did say it's $50. I made another phone call waiting 20 min in line to ask what's going on. A lady picks up. I tell her the story and she tells Shaw notified this change to ALL customers and the change was actually made in August. I denied it because I NEVER received any kind notice about the price change and the time I picked up this plan when it was $45 was in September and their website also was saying it's $45. I had impression of "so what?" from this lady rep. Somehow, she decided to transfer me to another rep. A guy rep picks up. I tell what happened from beginning again. He says it is 100% my fault that I did not check their WEBSITE for changes. He said people use Internet all the time and it was very easy to notice. I was like "What?". So am I supposed to check websites of every single companies for my Internet, Phone, Mobile, Gas, Electricity, TV, and so on EVERY MONTH? - just to make sure that prices have not changed? Really??? Do I really have to do that every month??? Do most people do that all the time just as this rep said??? Do they spend that much vacant time just to check their websites??? I was so pissed by their attitudes by that time. I know I know it's only +$5 per month but this company......I've been a royal customer for at least 7 years with Shaw. So, I told him I want to discontinue the service with them. He laughed softly and asked if I found any other service provider that beats their prices with this GREAT confidence in his voice. I was speechless because he was obviously making fun of me on the phone as a rep of his company. I told him I'll call another time to discontinue the service because I could use some benefit from this "Notice of class action settlement" thing for a month. He kind of giggled, said "have a nice evening" blah blah and hung up. The notice basically says the court ordered Shaw to let customers choose benefits since they overcharged their late monthly fees for years, and my account was eligible for that. So, I'm gonna use Shaw for just another month with upgraded internet (one of the benefits I could choose according to this notice), and say goodbye to this company. Can someone recommend another ISP in Vancouver lower mainland area please? Is Telus good? I don't expect 100% polite representatives I don't care, but at least they must be able to listen and communicate with customers.....and notify if anything changes!!!

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